NF A 51-050
  Assembly type definitions
  NF C 31-111

Definition on copper nature A or C

Cu-A1 - ISO equivalent : Cu-ETP copper content > 99,90 %

  • Electrolytically refined copper, non deoxidized, with a guarantee conductivity.

- This kind of copper is universally use for production of wires, cables, bars and bands for electrical purpose.

- It react on heating in reducing atmosphere, this lead to some restrictions during annealing or welding, especially with blowtorch.

Cu-C1 - ISO equivalent : Cu-OF copper content > 99,95 %

  • Desoxidized copper
  • - This kind of copper is oxygene free or desoxidized with residual desoxidiser traces. In every case, residual desoxidiser content is too small to influence conductivity.

    - It can be used for electrical purpose without being sensitive in reducing atmospheres. It can be weld without any restriction.

    Single wire - product define by only one length of constant diameter wire on the spool.

    Multiwire - product made of several same diameter wires, with a same length and a parallel assembly.

    Round strands - assembly of wires well ordered in concentric lays around a central wire. The "n" lay is made of ( n x 6) wires.

    - Classicals round strands are made of 7,19 or 37 wires.

    Bunch - hélicoidal assembly of wires in the same sense and same lay length, without any precise lay.

    Cable - concentric assembly of round strand or bunch.

    Unilay - Unilay - round strand with minimum 2 lays of same diameter wires, with same sense and same lay length arrange to reduce the external diameter under a simple round strand.

    1 Round strand, same sense, same lay length - standard

    2 Round strand same or different sense, different lay lengths

    3 Round strand, same sense, same lay length - Unilay


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