We have to meet very high quality standards,
in order to satisfy customer's requirements every day.

But we also have a great deal of flexibility.
premises cover 20 000 m˛,
giving it ample reserves and enabling it
to double current production for most diameters.
This policy gives concrete results :

Allowing us to satisfy requirements and
meet even the toughest deadlines

Heat traitement
  Whether you need just a few pounds or several tonnes, we know how to make the wires you want.
Our special heat treatment enables us to go beyond existing norms concerning wire elongation and flexibility.
Ever since the company was founded, we have never followed trends blindly, taking constant care to uphold the same image of quality and application by using proven technique, such as Dip tinning, which we are constantly developing as much on the technical level as that of respect for the environment.     L'étamage au bain.
Dip tinning
         We rely on the professionnalism of CUPROFIL's personnel and on choosing high performance materials:
  • Diamonds for the wire draw dies,
  • Ceramic for the contact pieces,
  • Wire supply from the best continuous flows.
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